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Team Jellie Webinar Study Sessions Purchase

Note: Readers of Chronicles of a Million Dollar Trader can receive $250 off the Jellie Webinar Series, while benefiting The One Fund supporting victims of the Boston Marathon bombing. Simply choose the first option below and email your book purchase receipt to don@donmillereducation.com.

View the same timeless eight 2-hour Formal Study & Weekly Reinforcement Sessions the original "Jellies" attended as a part of their their eight-week marathon training program.

View a video overview of the effort,
including Webinar contents and excerpts

100% of the cost can be applied toward the full four-week training effort if accepted into future programs.

View Detailed Syllabus.

Charities benefiting from proceeds of the Jellie Video Series include the American Diabetes Association, GrowUganda.org, Commodity Customer Coalition, and currently World Vision.

Please read all instructions and details below before ordering, and indicate "PayPal" as the payment option which will direct you to PayPal for secure credit card or bank payment.  Please note you do NOT need to have a PayPal account to purchase via your credit card.  Also, the order window below will refresh a few times as you complete the order process.

PC viewing requirements include Windows Media Player 9 or above and download of a simple GoToWebinar program here.  In addition, copies of all presentation slides are available in both color and black and white.  Mac Users will be able to replay the audio to supplement the presentation handouts.

All videos and supporting handouts are downloadable to retain forever.

Thank you and we look forward to providing a quality educational experience.


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